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Pelvic Floor Therapy in Central Indiana

You’re In CONTROL! Kokomo, Indiana

Since 2019, You’re in CONTROL! has become one of the premier providers of pelvic floor therapy in central Indiana. Hundreds of clients from Kokomo, Indianapolis, Carmel, Lafayette, Anderson, Muncie, Marion and surrounding areas trust us to deliver successful outcomes.

Our knowledge and professionalism has not only earned us the trust of our clients, but also the ongoing referrals of local and regional medical providers.

You’re In CONTROL! strives to provide the best possible rehabilitation experience for each client. The pelvic floor therapy we provide is one-on-one in a private and professional environment with a licensed therapist.

Make sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions section on our “About” page for important information on procedures and policies.

Unlike many clinics that practice pelvic floor therapy in central Indiana today, You’re In CONTROL! is a local therapist-owned business. This enables us to focus our policies and treatment plans around quality care for each patient; it’s not just about simply meeting corporate business goals.

We do treat men as well as women at our Kokomo location.

A photo of the You're In Control! Kokomo Indiana location
1542 South Dixon Road, Suite B
Kokomo, IN 46902

Call or Text: 765-319-8420

Monday through Thursday: 8am – 6pm 
Friday: 8am – 3pm 
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
You're In Control

Kokomo, Indiana location

1542 South Dixon Road, Suite B
Kokomo, IN 46902

A photo of Tara Galles, MS, OTR with a big smile on her face.

Tara Galles, MS, OTR

  • Founder of You’re In CONTROL!
  • Owner, manager, and therapist at the Central Indiana location.

In 2019, Tara Galles MS, OTR opened You’re In CONTROL! in Kokomo, IN. As an athlete and mother of four children, she was in need of pelvic floor therapy and had to drive an hour each way to see a qualified therapist. Understanding the great need for women’s health rehabilitation in her community, Tara sought out advanced training and started her own private practice.

Pelvic Floor Therapy in Central Indiana

Pelvic floor therapy offered at the Central Indiana You’re In CONTROL! Location

We treat the following conditions at at our Kokomo, Indiana location. 

Photo of a pregnant woman utilizing a large green exercise ball.
Rehab for Pregnancy Issues

Issues such as pelvic organ prolapse, bladder leakage, diastasis recti, and even fecal leakage arise from pregnancy. Without treatment women often suffer for a lifetime. Take steps now to prevent...

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A postpartum woman lying with newborn on her chest.
Rehab for Postpartum Issues

Within days following delivery, postpartum women experience neuromusculoskeletal issues from pelvic floor and abdominal injury. Childbirth, vaginal or cesarean, inevitably causes physical injury to the pelvis.

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Photo of an older woman sitting on the side of the bed looking worried while her husband sleeps behind her.
Rehab for Gynecological Pain and Pelvic Issues

Internal muscle spasms, myofascial restriction, and scarring can exacerbate gynecological pain. Our licensed therapists have years of clinical experience and are ready to identify and treat the internal muscles, ligaments,...

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A woman with her hand pressed to her groin seemingly having to pee.
Rehab for Bladder Issues

Bladder issues are prevalent in women of all ages, substantially reducing ones health and psychological quality of life. Any kind of leaking is not a normal part of the aging...

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Photograph of woman on a toilet suffering from bowel issues.
Rehab for Bowel Issues

Bowel issues are a socially embarrassing healthcare problem that affect women in every stage of life. Left untreated, they can lead to social isolation, loss of self-esteem, low self-confidence, and...

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A woman's hand and feet as she is getting ready to lift a 20 pound kettlebell.
Rehab for Athletic Issues

Athletics create additional stress and increased intra-abdominal pressure from high-impact and load-bearing forces. The neuromuscular fatigue of the pelvic floor musculature from these forces contributes to increased incidence of pelvic...

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A photo of a little girl crying sitting on the floor in her house.
Rehab for Youth Bowel and Bladder Health

Millions of children and adolescents across the world experience youth bowel and bladder dysfunction (BBD). BBD is the spectrum of lower urinary tract symptoms that may accompany bowel disturbance.

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A photo of a woman's arm and hand with a wraparound crutch.
Rehab for Autoimmune Issues

Physical therapy can be very helpful in autoimmune disease, restoring the functional ability lost to the consequences of pain, deconditioning, and even neurological symptoms.

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A young woman, obviously in pain sitting on a couch in her apartment.
Rehab for Joint and Muscle Pain

Women experience joint and muscle pain at higher rates than men. Pregnancy and childbirth account for much of this. However, individual women can have hormonal, biomechanical, and social risk factors...

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A photo of a woman recovering from breast cancer surgery.
Rehab after Cancer Treatment

It's standard practice to go to rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery; however, many women are unaware they can ask to be referred to rehabilitation after surgery for cancer.

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