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Information for Healthcare Providers

In 2019, Tara Galles, MS, OTR opened the You’re In CONTROL! Central Indiana location (in Kokomo, IN). As an athlete and mother of four children, she was in need of pelvic floor therapy. She immediately recognized the great need for women’s health rehabilitation in her own community. Tara, a certified occupational therapist, sought out advanced training in pelvic floor therapy and started her own private practice. Read more about Tara and You’re In CONTROL! here.

At You’re In CONTROL! it’s our privilege to assist you by providing exceptional rehabilitative services. Our success is your success. Our therapists are serious about moving our clients to take control of their bodies (we are not in control of their bodies, they are!).

Neuromuscular rehabilitation principles are quite effective with pelvic floor dysfunctions, and we’ve helped hundreds of women achieve successful outcomes. When you refer to us, your patient will not only feel like a natural woman again, but because you have helped them regain control over a very personal issue, their trust in you will increase!

A photo of the front of the You're In Control building with Tara Galles.

If your patient is not getting results in three visits, You’re In CONTROL! will refer them back to you.

We treat women of all ages who are ready to Take CONTROL! of their bodies and get back to being a natural woman!

Learn about the services we offer at our clinic.


Please fax orders and a facesheet with insurance information to 844-874-6349.

It’s helpful if you include relevant notes so we can pick up where you left off. 

We will contact the patient within five days of receiving your referral, attempting to schedule an evaluation. In trying to contact them we will leave two voicemails within a 14 day period. If we do not hear back from you patient within 30 days, we’ll send you a note letting you know we were unable to reach the patient.

Referrals are valid for 90 days, if the patient decides to schedule within that time frame.

After the patient is evaluated, we will fax a plan of care (POC) to you for your certification signature.

Communication with you continues while we are working with the patient; progress notes are typically sent every 30 days. We will send a discharge summary or last visit note when the POC expires. We are always happy to accommodate any additional communication preferences. Just let us know what you need.

A provider referral is not necessary for the initial 40 days of treatment. 

If your patient contacts us to schedule an evaluation without a referral from you, we will communicate this to your practice by sending a copy of the evaluation. If the plan of care (POC) is more than 40 days long, we’ll request the patient make an appointment with you to certify POC.

If you have a patient who urgently requires our attention, please communicate the urgency on the fax you send!

This occasionally occurs with OBs caring for pregnant patients. We will make your urgent patients a priority. Faxes are checked daily.

Special note on psychologist referrals

If you are a psychologist who would like to refer a client, we suggest sending the referral to You’re In CONTROL! so we can check with the patient’s insurance company regarding permitted referral sources. Some insurance companies, including Medicare, will not accept referrals from psychologists.



We work with most major insurance plans, including Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), but not MDwise. Before we begin working with your patient, we check their insurance and communicate expected out of pocket costs. We bill insurance for services on their behalf.


We value your patient’s time. Most patients are seen once a week until they are independent with their home exercise program, then we see them every other week. Our useful mobile app provides a means to help patients do their exercises correctly at home. It helps patients achieve better results, and decreases the average number of visits necessary to resolve their complaint.


Patients who do not comply with our cancellation/no show policy will be referred back to you, the provider, to continue care.


We recommend pediatric patients be at least three years old.


While most of our patients are female, we do accept male patients at our Central Indiana (Kokomo) clinic. Our Northeastern Indiana clinic (Ft. Wayne) only works with adult female patients.

Photo of a woman's abdomen healing after a cesarean section.

Within days following delivery…

A photo of a pregnant woman on a couch. She is obviously in pain.

Pregnancy is detrimental…

A photo of a woman lying on a couch feeling pelvic pain.

Major depression is a risk factor…

A woman, seemingly in pain, sitting on the toilet.

40% of bowel issues are pelvic floor…

A photo of an older woman contemplating an adult diaper.

Leaking turns into loss of control…

A photo of a woman standing by a window looking melancholy.

Painful scarring and lymphodema…

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