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Take CONTROL! of Women’s Sexual Health and Pleasure

by Caroline Fenker, OTD, OTR/L

Many women do not fully understand how their bodies work, especially when it comes to things “down there.”

Knowing the anatomy of the vulva and how it works during the biological process of arousal is important for understanding women’s sexual health.

We have created this short informational video about the anatomical and physiological process of female sexual arousal to help women Take CONTROL! of their sexual pleasure.

Video Transcript

Today we have a video for you all about taking control of your sexual pleasure. And part of that involves learning some basics about women’s sexual health, including what your vulva looks like.

This is Ms. V [shows a fabric representation of famale genitalia]. She is a vulva.

So we’re gonna start out here with the labia majora. These are often covered in hair. And then if you move inward, you have the labia minora, which are hairless. If we open these up in between, you’ll see the vagina.

And then if you come up here, you’ll see the urethra, which is the opening to your bladder.

And then there is a hood. If we look underneath this hood, we see the clitoris. Why is this important? The clitoris is the ending for all of our nerve endings. Women have twice as many nerve endings as men, so if we look on the back [of the fabric model], all of the nerves come from the clitoris.

This is important for the biological process of becoming aroused. You can’t go in until you ring the doorbell because the clitoris is going to become erect when stimulated, which will tell the mucus membranes inside the vagina to secrete lubrication.

And so remember, always ring the doorbell before you go in.

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Caroline Fenker, OTD, OTR/L

Caroline Fenker, OTD, OTR/L, is a recent graduate of Huntington University. She completed her doctoral capstone at You’re In CONTROL! during the spring of 2022 and has devoted her career to moving women to take control of their bodies.

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